Pilot & Author

Born in 1982, Hans-Georg Rabacher is a professional pilot, entrepreneur and author. He discovered his passion for aviation in his childhood and adolescent years. As a pilot, he regularly flies to international destinations and looks back on many years of experience on many different types of aircraft, including exclusive private and business jets such as the »Bombardier Challenger 350« and passenger airliners such as the »Airbus 320 family«.


Over the course of his career in the aviation industry, Hans-Georg Rabacher worked as a flight instructor for various training organizations, including six years in the management of one of Central Europe's biggest flight schools. As a member of an airline’s selection committee, he was also involved in the assessment of aspiring cockpit personnel.


In the framework of occupational counseling, the author also passes on his knowledge and passion of flying to future generations. Apart from his role as a check pilot, he still works as an instructor and speaker in the training of flight attendants, private and professional pilots as well as aspiring flight instructors.